Matterport 3D Scan

Reality Capture for Property, Home, Residential, Commercial and Real Estate for example:

  • Property managers and homeowners: Huge time-saving with a digital twin scan for survey and measures with great precision for furniture or other needs. 
  • Hotels and vacation properties: Rooms and facilities to guests.
  • Museums or historical landmarks: digital preservation of cultural heritage, exploration, indoor, outdoor, natural landscapes, caves, quick "lidar" survey.
3D Virtual Tour Features

Share them anywhere from website to social media without download app.

3D Dollhouse

Complete 3D overview of the layout

3D House Tour

Allows visit 24/7!

Media Tag Annotations

Leave photos + videos annotations

Floorplans & CAD

As-built print ready floorplans!

Matterport's 3D scan tour service is a platform that allows create quickly scan "lidar alike" survey, immersive, interactive 3D tours of properties or spaces. These 3D tours can be viewed on a computer or mobile device wihtout download special apps and they give viewers a sense of what it would be like to physically walk through the space, including easy way to take measurements with great accuracy for furniture or planning.

The service of 3D scan with Matterport is relatively simple:

  1. Once the camera is set up in the space, it will quickly take a series of images and survey scans, which will then be uploaded to the Matterport platform.
  2. Once data is uploaded, Matterport's software will automatically stitch them together to create a seamless, 3D model survey of the space. Businesses can then use the Matterport platform to add information and annotations to the tour, such as labels or hotspots that provide more information about specific features of the space.


One of the key benefits of Matterport's 3D tour service is that it allows businesses to showcase their properties or spaces in a way that is much more engaging and immersive than traditional photos or videos. Viewers can explore the space in detail, and the 3D scanning and modeling gives them a sense of what it would be like to physically be there.

Another benefit of Matterport's 3D tour service is that the accuracy of survey and measurement is less than <1%, the budget price for the quick solution for digital preservation is a time-saving technology, it is highly interactive. Viewers can move through the space at their own pace, and they can zoom in and out to get a closer look at specific features.
The measurement is only possible in matterport service and NOT possible within the google street view update service.


Matterport's scan service also has a variety of features that can help businesses to better promote their properties or spaces. For example, businesses can use the Matterport platform to create a virtual walkthrough of their space, which can be embedded on their website or shared on social media. They can also use the platform to create a detail survey, scan of floor of the space, which can be useful for planning and design purposes.

In addition, Matterport's 3D tour service is compatible with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, which can enhance the immersive experience of the tours. Businesses can use VR or AR to let viewers experience their space in a more realistic way and make it more engaging.

Overall, Matterport's 3D home tour service is a powerful tool for scan properties and cultural heirage assets that want to digital preservation or showcase their properties or spaces in a more engaging and immersive way. With its high-resolution images and scans, interactive features, and compatibility with VR and AR devices, it provides a unique way for businesses to promote their properties and spaces to potential customers.

In conclusion, Matterport's virtual tour service is a powerful tool for businesses that want to showcase their properties or spaces in a more engaging and immersive way. With its high-resolution images and scans, interactive features, and compatibility with VR and AR devices, it provides a unique way for businesses to promote their properties and spaces to potential customers. It's a perfect solution for Real Estate.

We specialize in creating 3D virtual tours digital preservation and models of real-world spaces, such as buildings, homes, caves, historical landmarks, museums, RV design planning and other properties that needs quick survey scan with <1% accuracy. Our technology uses a combination of 3D scanning and artificial intelligence to create detailed, interactive models that can be viewed online. These virtual home tours can be used for a variety of purposes, such as real estate marketing, museum, outdoor spaces, natural places, architecture, and construction.

Enable clients to explore and evaluate residential, luxury mansions, Commercial Real Estate for history landmarks, museums, caves and mining with the 3D virtual tour experience.

Whether you're a real estate agent, a broker, or a property manager, Matterport's 3D data platform can increase commissions, reach a wider audience, and close on properties faster. Prospective leads can do their own walk-through of your properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest.

Convenience: They allow potential buyers, renters, or clients to explore a property from the comfort of their own home, at any time

Accessibility: 3D virtual tours can be made accessible to a wider audience, including people with mobility or accessibility issues who may have difficulty visiting a property

Increased engagement: 3D tours can create a more immersive and engaging experience for the viewer, compared to traditional 2D photos or videos

Better decision making: They can help buyers, renters, or clients make more informed decisions by providing a more accurate representation of the property and its features with 3D survey

Efficient Marketing: They can be used for real estate marketing, and can increase the visibility of a property and help attract more potential buyers or renters.

By creating a 3D virtual tour of a site before construction begins, architects and builders can identify potential issues, design solutions, and make adjustments to the plans quickly

Site documentation: Instead of manually measuring and documenting the site, a 3D laser scanning can be used to create an accurate, detailed record of the space in a fraction of the time

Marketing: A matterport scan can be used to showcase a property or space to potential buyers or renters, saving time for both the seller and the potential buyer, who can see the property before even visiting it.

Remote collaboration: A virtual tour can be shared with team members, regardless of their location,

Inspection and surveying: Instead of physically inspecting a property, a lidar survey can be used to inspect and survey the property remotely, saving time and effort.

Virtual staging: With reality capture we can virtually stage an empty space, saving time and money on physical staging.

Easy 3D scan survey
  • Generate 3D virtual tours, 4K print quality photos, as-built schematic floor plans, guided and video tours, fast measurement to time-saving processes.
  • Share your matterport scan on social media sites easily, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, without any special app.
  • Embed your 3D home tour on your website.
  • Publish to Google Street View
Matterport video

Give us a call (877-394-1941) or use our online contact form!  We will answer any questions that you may have concerning the home, business or space that you would like captured.

We’ll arrange a time that fits your schedule and discuss the best way for us to access your space.

A team member will arrive at the agreed upon time and quickly review the space before beginning the capture process.

We capture spaces at about 1,500 SQFT per hour using  Method Scanning – a process that provides consistent navigation and a superior product.  We may take a little bit longer on site than others to ensure a quality product.

When the 3D survey scan is done, all collected data is processed.  This can take up to 24 hours depending on the size of the space.

When the tour is ready, we add your contact information, and add thumbnail navigation.  If your ordered a floorplan, we then start processing for the plan with delivery within 36 hours.

You’ll receive a notification from us when your 3D virtual tour scan is ready along with a link that you can use to embed the tour in your website and share it to social media.

We also provide an MLS-compliant version if you are a Realtor and would like to use your tour on the MLS.

We can also provide a special version of your tour with your headshot or company logo, a mini map and other features powered by, which was developed by us to add new features to tours.

We’ll follow-up with you to make sure that you were satisfied with your Matterport scan service and send a payment request for services rendered or any other survey scan needs.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and interested in digital preservation of new kind of spaces.

Payment is due on satisfaction!

Best 3D Scanning Cameras

We provide a wide range of accuracy & solutions to different industries

Take Measurements of your space

Matterport 3D virtual tours is also a survey that let users to take measurements from the mobile without any special app in showcase mode of your space. Measure the dimensions of objects and rooms easily.


Measurement mode offers lots of benefits, including:

  • Mobile and tablet support.
  • super easy intelligent snapping to corners and edges, and to existing measurements.
  • Intelligent axis snapping to vertical and horizontal axes.
  • A scope you can use for improved measurement accuracy (which is <1% for long rooms of 10 ft.), for more detail info of tolerances click here.
  • Easy creation of continuous measurements, and measurements with multiple connected lines.

Matterport's 3D tour scan uses laser scanning (similar but not equal to LiDAR) to create detailed, accurate 3D models of real-world spaces, which can be used for a variety of applications, one of its best features is versatility as it can be used to survey and map both indoor and outdoor spaces

  • Indoors: It can be used to survey dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, such as warehouses, buildings, or industrial sites, natural landscapes, historical landmarks without putting human surveyors at risk while taking measurements.
  • Outdoors: Sometimes you might want to have aligned outside scans. For example, a path to a detached garage, shed, guest house, or outside unit. You might even want to scan a playground, museums or park.
    Scanning outside in the sun is only possible with LiDAR scans available only with the Pro3. Pro and Pro2 uses infrared scanning which can present issues in direct sunlight causing alignment issues with the models but works great for low light conditions as caves.

    Outdoor 3d virtual tours can be used in natural landscapes, caverns, mining, underground facilities, research facilities and archeological/historical sites that needs digital preservation of cultural heritage as unique opportunity for digital twin (as-built) of the material object in standard quality over time that would enable the continued use and appreciation of its cultural value for future generations.

Pricing & Options by Industry

Our all-in-one 2D and 3D solution is perfect for any industry that uses, modifies, communicates about, or markets real-world places. If you deal with properties, Matterport is in your industry.

Multi-Family Apartments
Home Builders & Developers
Commercial Real Estate
Matterport 3D For Realtors


If you create, modify, manage, or market real places, Matterport Spaces can enhance the way you do business



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